Hady Safa
Business Consultant - Author & Speaker

In today’s world, we get dragged by a lot of trends, practices and lifestyles that surround us; we tend to follow, and subconsciously adopt, others’ styles of living for irrelevant causes and purposes.

“We buy things we do not need, with money we do not have, to please people we do not know.” Anonymous

Seeing it from a global view, we are surrounded by international brands, trends, fashion, and styles, and we tend to follow them subconsciously. Things were like that since forever, but it used to be dawdling and imperceptible; one would take time to start accepting things and adopt it to their own life style, nowadays, it’s happening on the spur of the moment, and we are taking many new trends and blindly applying them into our lives, sometimes even without giving it a thought.

First there was Hi5, MySpace, Facebook came after, Twitter, and then Google plus, this significantly not only lowered our actual socializing efforts, but also added a lot more weight and responsibility on our shoulders making everyone aware of what we’re up to, sharing our photos and comments, and even circles of friends. As much as this is positive, it had a significant amount of negative impact on our lives; it took out most of the genuine thoughts and feelings, and replaced them by copied and pasted statuses, quotes, clothing, personalities, and even fake lifestyles.

You are unique, as everyone else.

The result you are today is made by a decision you took yesterday, hence in order to leapfrog and succeed further, continuing to do what you have done in the past may not be the right answer. Continuing to think and perceiving matters from the same perspective you did yesterday will only result in the same things you already reached today… For different outcomes, you need to think and be different, you need to distinguish yourself.


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